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Seran Kayserilioğlu Otterson was born in December 1977 in Istanbul. She graduated from Kadıkoy Anadolu Lisesi, an English immersion school. She studied Fine Arts in College, and received her Bachelor’s of Arts Degree from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty in 2000 and following her graduation she moved to Italy. Seran lived in Bologna and worked for Tile Design and Tile Manufacturers for about a year. In 2001 she moved to South Italy, Naples where she lived for 3 years, learned to speak Neapolitan and worked as an affresco restaurateur. In 2004 she moved back to Istanbul, opened a ceramic studio, and started working in the film industry as an art director assistant. She received her Master’s degree from Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Faculty in 2010. Seran moved to Minnesota in 2012. She joined the Parent Teacher Organization of Minnetonka Community and Education Center in 2016 and volunteered to paint a mural for the community center. The same year she started her own small business; “I Mural LLC”; mural paintings and decorative painting for residential and commercial projects. Since then Seran has been helping Minnesotans bring art and creativity to their interiors. Seran loves her job and bringing joy to people’s lives with her art in Minnesota. She is a world traveler, speaking many languages, including French, and Italian. She lives in Minnetonka, and keeps herself busy with raising her family, and engaging their community with her beautiful art.

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