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Dr. Dilek is originally from two cities in Turkey: Trabzon and Ankara. He started his undergraduate studies in the Mathematics Department at Aegean University and then completed his undergraduate degree at Ondokuz Mayıs University in Samsun. He worked on different research projects in Portugal and Spain during his undergraduate studies. He worked as a mathematics teacher in Ankara, then resigned from his position and earned his Master of Science degree at Durham University in the United Kingdom in 2015. He came to the University of Iowa for his Ph.D. degree in Educational Statistics and Research Methodologies program. He completed his second Master’s degree in Mathematics Education in 2020 during his Ph.D. program and graduated from the Ph.D. program in 2022. He served as Vice president of the Turkish Student Association for two years, and as the elect-president for a year. He conducted research in Multilevel Models, Longitudinal Data Analysis, and Psychometrics. He worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Iowa for five years, then worked as a program manager of assessment at the College of Medicine Texas A&M University. He continues to conduct research under the following topics: fairness and bias analysis, multilevel modeling, and financial statistics. He is a professional NCME (National Council on Measurement in Education) and the American Educational Research Association (AERA) member. He is currently working as a psychometrician at Galen College of Nursing. Dr. Dilek lives in Minnesota with his family.

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